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Hi There - and welcome to my website of Serbian Music/Srpska Muzika!

Serbian music/Srpska Muzika has been part of my life for over 50 years. I have been playing accordion since about the age of 12, and have played in LIKA Orchestra for over 50 years and been part of the St. Sava Choir (Mississauga Ontario Canada) for about the same length of time.

The main purpose of my website is to showcase a number of things:

-  My first CD of Serbian Music/Srpska Muzika: New Horizons/Novi Vidici.

      -  Music collaboration - a joint venture music project with Angelina Račić called "Za svoju dušu"

-  Orchestra LIKA latest CD: 50 Years! 

- To keep you informed of ongoing music projects/new tracks that I am working on

-  To promote miscellaneous projects that I am involved in

-  To provide good Serbian Music/Srpska Muzika based on musical influences I have experienced in Canada and the U.S.A. which provides a different flavour than home grown music from Serbia.

Using the menu choices above, you will be able to find music samples; obtain more details on the CD's including how to purchase music; check out a few YouTube Serbian music videos I have posted; get my email address so you can contact me; all the news fit to print; photos; a LIKA section and other relevant links. A recent addition is the LIKA Tribute to Drina Orchestra - found under the LIKA Orchestra menu item (at the top right). This music is free for you to listen, or download, and represents our tribute to a band that was a major influence on LIKA.

The "Za svoju dušu" menu item provides you with details of the new songs available for download from your favourite online provider of digital music.

The ""store" menu item provides links for everything you may wish to purchase including Orchestra LIKA's latest CD, 50 Years.

I hope that you enjoy navigating around my website and I also hope that the music you hear brings a smile to your face. (You can also 'like' me on my Facebook music page below).

John Jovan Lukich

Oakville Ontario Canada